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Fulfilling our Higher Evolutionary Potential - 


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Discover how to flourish as a transitional being in an evolving universe.

With beautiful imagery, inspiring music, and the wisdom of respected scholars, Conscious invites you to find a deeper meaning in our radically changing world.

- Is crisis pushing us toward a leap in consciousness?
- Can we live from an inner truth?
- Can we participate in the evolution of our own consciousness?

Journey with esteemed visionaries as they delve into science, the arts, love, and divinity to unveil our most profound human potential. Glimpse a deeper wisdom and a vaster consciousness. Resonate with a genuine sense for beauty. 

This exciting, entertaining, and beautiful film is quite possibly the most important show that you will see this year.

Evolution is continuing and it does not seem to be by chance. So here we are...

A documentary film by Alan Baiss and Joseh Garcia
Conscious CD and Book also available