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PhD in Psychology, musician,

filmmaker, writer.

"Joseh Garcia may well shake the

boundaries of Brazilian music and

cool jazz".

Silvia Nakkach, Grammy nominated

vocal artist 

The Grammy nominated artist Silvia Nakkach once said: “Joseh Garcia may well shake the boundaries of Brazilian Music and cool jazz." As we listen to Joseh (pronounced Joe-Zay) we know he is not afraid to explore and cross boundaries. Like an alchemist, Joseh tastes each song, combining, reconstructing, and creating something new. His refined musical taste and openness for unusual encounters has taken him to explore the meeting of Bossa and Middle Eastern music, and of Brazilian and electronic music, and most recently the neoclassical music genre. 

In 2011 Joseh Garcia released his first EP, Bossa a Trois, in collaboration with Jonathan Rickert. The album creatively embraces Brazilian pop and downtempo and was produced by Daniel Masson, known worldwide for his Buddha Bar (Paris) compilations. In 2012, Joseh toured with his concert Bicho do Mato in which electronic and acoustic sounds meet popular music and afro-indigenous spiritual songs from Brazil. This show called the attention of the press and it was recommended by the Canadian magazine Monday Magazine to its readers. From 2013 to 2014 Joseh toured with the concert ECHOES, which deeply explored the richness and musicality of voice. He sang accompanied by echoes of his own voice creating unusual and enchanting arrangements.

In 2017, Joseh and Alan Baiss and completed the documentary film Conscious: Fulfilling our Higher Evolutionary Potential. The film intertwines beautiful imagery with very insightful interviews as it invites the viewer to consider our potential to embody a vaster consciousness.

In addition to creating beautiful music, Joseh  Garcia worked as a 

psychotherapist and he frequently writes inspiring

articles and chronicles focussing on psychology, music, and spirituality for newspapers and blogs. His deep connection with both music and psychology has led him to  examine the listener’s psychological transformation through songs, and in 2010, he published his doctorate  thesis "Music as a Vehicle for Self- Transforma- tion: an Organic Inquiry into Rita Lee's songs" (Califonia Institute of Integral Studies).

In 2016, he ventured into the realm of fiction and published a psychological   novel in Portuguese " A Mulher que Nunca Recebeu Flores  (The Woman who Never Received Flowers)". 

Joseh Garcia is multitalented artist who explores his creativity through different media. Over the years he has reached audiences in Brazil, France, United States, and Canada. His most recent expression, the CD Conscious (Original Movie Soundtrack) which is entirely composed, arranged, and performed by him, is a superb work of neoclassical music.With the depth of his music, Joseh Garcia aspires to reconnect his listeners with the personal and transcendent aspects of life.